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>The afternoon’s ending.


After spending a long night up, and being too stubborn to go to bed early in the morning, I did manage to get dressed in a nice set of clothes and take the dog for a walk. My nice set of clothes jumped out of the closet at me. I knew what I wanted and it was right there within hand’s reach on top of each stack and on the first hanger. They couldn’t have been more convenient and they were meant to be. 

After having gotten dressed, I fiddled with my earrings and almost couldn’t get the little backings on and felt like my fingers were too big, but I had just used the ointment and that made them slippery. I finally got them on without dropping them down the bathroom sink and took Tyke for a walk. He was much pleased and barked rather ferociously at a large truck that drove by. 

He doesn’t like noisy trucks or other noisy machinery such a lawnmowers or leaf blowers and always feels the need to bark at them, even when he is inside and they are at a distance. He thinks he has to chase them away from the neighborhood. He also doesn’t like fast boys in souped up cars with loud stereos. He barks at them especially hard.

He pulled me through the neighborhood at breakneck speed and piddled against every tree and bush and lamppost. I do get little breaks that way. Little breathing pauses. When we got home, I was so tired, that I slept on the sofa for an hour and a half. I did feel a lot better when I woke up and no longer like I had jet lag. 

Not feeling like you’ve been on an intercontinental flight does improve your outlook on life and this allowed me to finally get the mail out of the mailbox that I had been avoiding for a long time. I had suddenly developed a mail phobia and had been scared to get it out. I don’t know why this happened. It just overtook me. 

The good news was that I did not owe any taxes over 2009. Hooray. I don’t know where I would have gotten the money to pay them anyway. The other good news is that I am done paying my own portion of my medical expenses for this year, as far as that concerned my medications, which are very expensive. I had been paying that off in monthly installments and I’m done. There was no other really bad news. Just a form I have to fill out correctly and send back and a bill and a bank statement. And a book from Bookmooch. 

I had been worried for nothing and the next time I’m getting the mail out of the mailbox right away. I’ll just develop some other kind of phobia that’s not as inconvenient. The fear of dishes, for example. I always only have a few and they don’t stack up too badly and the domestic help will often do them when she has time. That’s a much better phobia to have. 

I saw my SPN this afternoon and we talked about the roller coaster of moods that I’m on and how dangerous that really is because I seek the extreme of the high purposely. I create the best possible circumstances for it and make sure it can happen, so everything after that is a let down and I have to go and seek the next high. I’m always in search of the highs.

The re-evaluation of my treatment is tomorrow morning, but I was mistaken and I don’t have to be present. I don’t know if I feel relieved about that or not. I kind of was looking forward to it, I think. Now I have to wait until next week to hear about the outcome. It’s not something we want to discuss over the telephone and I agree with that. 

I have to get my flu shot on Saturday. I just got notice of it in the mail today. I’m so thrilled about it. I have to go between 9 and 10 am. I hope I don’t get a sore arm from it and I hope I don’t get any flu symptoms. I am mistakingly in the system because I used to be a diabetic. I told them about this last year, but if they want to give me a flu shot again this year, they’re welcome to. I won’t turn it down. I will start getting one anyway when I turn 60, so a few years earlier won’t make a difference. 

I’ve got to walk Tyke. It’s that time of the day again. The poor critter needs his outing. 

Have a good evening!