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In the safety of the night…

I’m writing this in the safety of the night with the aid of my cup of coffee and my cigarettes. Life wouldn’t be complete without them. Without my addictions that one day I will get over. I am sure of that. When I’m an old lady I will drink decaffeinated coffee and smoke smokeless cigarettes, the kind that work on loadable batteries. I just haven’t quite figured out the timing yet.

Anyway, I’m sitting here in the safety of the night, very cozily by the light of the desk lamp. I’ve got my pajamas and my socks on and the reason I’ve got my socks on, is because I’ve gotten into the habit of richly anointing my feet with well scented lotion every night before I go to bed. I not only anoint my feet, but my legs and arms and hands as well, especially the rough patches. I go to sleep slippery and smelling very nicely.

It’s become a regular ritual that I look forward to and thanks to a good friend, who spoiled me with some big tubes of very good scented lotions, I won’t run out very soon. After that, I have a whole big bottle of baby lotion. I didn’t realize it was such fun to spoil myself this way. My feet especially seem to benefit from this treatment as the roughness is getting a lot better and they are slowly turning smoother. I will have lily white soft feet yet.

So, I am taking care of my feminine duties after all and turning into a real woman. It comes with age, I think. I realized I have to take care of this middle aged body and help it along a little bit. Facial creme is next. Plain soap and water won’t do anymore. I’ll soon get wrinkles and I’ll have to start that battle. But I’m not going out and buying some expensive product that has some sort of expensive ingredient. I will get the plainest creme I can find.

As I’m writing this at a snail’s pace, it is slowly turning into morning and before long  the early birds are going to sing. Actually, I think I already hear the first ones.  They always make me feel that I should be in a rush and finish writing because I ought to get back to bed to get some more sleep. I’ve already switched to drinking milk and have left the coffee far behind me. Coffee is okay for the first two cups, but after that I’ve had enough. I’m always more than wide awake by then and ready to settle down again.

I’ll take my medicines and go back to bed. The Exfactor is going to be here some time later this morning to do the groceries. I want to be up and dressed before he gets here. We’ve been separated 3 years this month and it is unseemly to be seen in my pajamas by him. Besides, I don’t look my best in them.

I hope you’ll all have a good day. It’s going to be cloudy and cool here.




Freshly brewed coffee…

It is in the middle of the night and I am having a very tasty cup of coffee and a cigarette. Who could possibly ask for more? Yes, I would like a bowl of ice cream, vanilla if you please, but that is just a passing craving that I’ll get over.  I will have a glass of cold milk later on and that will take care of that. Glasses of cold milk are usually the answer to any kind of craving I may have. They are the perfect solution and satisfy me completely.

Yesterday we had a thundershower that brought gentle rain that fell for several hours. It wasn’t a lot of rain and I don’t know if it ended the drought, but it was very pleasant to listen to and very refreshing. It cooled things off a little bit. I fell asleep instantly listening to it when I took my afternoon nap and it was still coming down when I woke up.

I took the dog for a walk in it without wearing a jacket, that’s how gently it came down, and I didn’t mind getting wet. It certainly made everything smell good. Today we are supposed to have some spotty showers and I do hope they come about. I like the rain and we need it. I like going for walks in it, especially when it’s not cold outside.

It can’t ruin my hairdo, as I have such short hair that there’s not much to ruin. All I have to do is let it dry the natural way or rub it dry with a towel depending on how wet it gets. I also imagine that the rain is good for my skin, but I don’t know how true that is. I don’t know how much it’s influenced by air pollution.

Yesterday was a very non eventful day. You could say that it was a day as I like it. It was a typical low key Sunday. The highlight of the day was the tennis match between Nadal and Federer. I ended up rooting for Federer after all since he was the underdog. Of course, Nadal won.

In the evening, I was sitting slumped in my armchair for a long time and when I got up I had a terrific pain in my back in the usual spot. I had a heck of a time getting up and was like a little old lady when I tried to move around. There’s something to be said for sitting in your chair properly. I took some pain medication and went to bed on my fairly firm mattress and now the pain is gone. That bed of mine is good for my back. It always makes things better.

Today is not my favorite day with both my personal helper and the domestic help going to be here, but I have to see it through, little as I like it. Maybe there will be a day when I will appreciate them better again, especially my personal helper. I think she’s the one I have the most problems with. I don’t like her presence here.

I’ve got to go back to bed for some more hours of sleep. I’ll have to set the alarm clock so I’ll be coherent when the personal helper gets here. She always does expect me to be ready for a conversation the minute she walks in. There’s no gentle prelude.

Have a nice day.





>Waiting for the rain…


As is usual, I’m up in the middle of the night with my cups of coffee and my cigarettes. The dog is asleep on the coffee table and the cat is asleep on the sofa, which is a more normal place to be asleep on. It’s a good thing that the coffee table is so sturdy. In fact, it is just about indestructible and can carry the weight of the dog easily. He must know that as he’s sound asleep and totally oblivious of everything. 
He’s been on two wild goose chases out on the patio looking for I know not what. He was on the trail of something, possibly a hedgehog. He didn’t find anything, but wouldn’t come in until I threatened to lock him out. He nearly got stuck in the jasmine bush and it served him right. He’s way too curious for his own good. He pretends he badly has to go out and do a piddle, only to go sniffing all over the place and ignoring me when I try to get him to come in. 
The cat’s a much simpler creature and takes care of herself. She’s so uncomplicated. Except for the occasional mouse she brings in, she’s not much trouble. There’s a huge difference in the instruction booklets of both animals. You need a bookwork for the dog and a pamphlet for the cat. Cats are self explanatory. They are completely fool proof, excuse the unintentional pun.
Yesterday I put together a new outfit of two unrelated pieces of clothing. It looked good and I was much pleased. It seems I always get lucky with my clothes and am able to mix and match a lot. Maybe it’s because I stick to the same basic colors and that the main one is black with which I combine others. I seem to pick autumn colors a lot while originally I’m supposed to be a summer colors person. I think maybe I’ve changed over the years. 
Purging my closet has made it easier to pick out outfits. I have a much better view of the clothes I have available now. I’ve put things that were folded on shelves on hangers to give me a better idea of what’s there. I have more room to do that now. It helps to get dressed if your closet is organized. There’s no hopeless searching through clothes that don’t fit or are otherwise obsolete.

It helps that the weather has been cooler because this gives me more chance to wear the clothes that I like best. Skimpy clothes are okay, but not necessarily the ones that I most want to wear. I do like dressing up a bit and I like wearing layers.
Today is Friday and one of the days I enjoy the most. I intend to make the most of it. The domestic help will be here and I’m expecting the Exfactor for coffee, but it’s really the run up to the weekend and the time I like most. The unstructured time. 
I will be watching a lot of tennis on television at Roland Garros. The weather won’t be all that great, so I won’t be outside all that much. The temperatures will be low and we’re still supposed to get that promised rain that hasn’t materialized, but maybe it will today.
I hope you’re all having a good night and sweet dreams. 

>Soothingly familiar…


I’m enjoying my time in the middle of the night with a fresh cup of coffee and a cigarette and the company of the dog who is lying by my feet. At least he has quieted down now and is no longer running to the back door to bark at imaginary danger. 
The coffee tastes mighty nice and puts me in a good frame of mind. It makes all the little gears in my head spin correctly and that’s important in the middle of the night when I want to make sense. I’ve already slept several hours and am now ready for some time up and about until I get tired again. 
I’m actually very thirsty and the coffee really doesn’t take care of that so much, but the milk is almost all gone and I can’t have tall glasses of it . I think I have some lemonade left and will drink a glass of that to quench my thirst before I have more coffee. Running out of milk is a real catastrophe. It should not be allowed.
Because the Exfactor is not going to be able to do the groceries today, I will have to go to the little Arab shop around the corner and buy some milk there. I pass it all the time but have not been inside yet. It is convenient to have it so close by and it will be a whole different cultural experience. 
The sugar content of the lemonade is going straight to my head and is making me cheerful. I think I will have two glasses of it. I do like to mess with the chemicals in my brain, albeit it with very harmless substances. I don’t think anyone has ever been caught driving under the influence of sugar or caffeine. I think I may have needed a little pick me up. 
This afternoon I have an appointment with my SPN  and on my way home I will go by the pharmacy to pick up the Metamucil. I had to order it especially in the size packaging and flavor I wanted. I can’t wait to start using it to see what difference it will make. I expect it to do wonders. Like I said, I used to use it in California and it will get rid of my bloated belly and then some. 
During this meeting with my SPN I will hear how much longer she will be my therapist. She was going to try and be it for 6 months longer, but had to get permission for that. I’m curious what the outcome will be. If it means that I have to become more independent, then so be it. I am more than ready for it and not afraid to be. 
We do grow up and have to learn to find out own way.

I thought maybe it was a fluke when I went on the bathroom scale yesterday and had lost a kilo, but I went on it again a while ago and it was true. I want to lose 4.5 kilos and then I’ll probably be happy. I think that will be the most weight I can expect to lose. That’s more than the Obesitas Specialist said I could expect to lose. I’m already past his goal. 
Well, I think I’ll get ready to go back to bed. I’ve got a lot of sleeping left to do and a lot of time to do it in. 
I hope you’re all having a good night. 

>My morning coffee…


For a change I slept through the night again and I’m much pleased. It always feels like such an accomplishment when I do. Going back to bed after I’ve let the dog out back in the middle of the night is quite an achievement, especially if I’m grumpy when I do and I really want a cup of coffee and a cigarette. I was able to resist the urge and go back to sleep. 
It is raining as I write this and as you know, I don’t mind that one bit. I’m very warm and cozy inside by the light of the desk lamp with my bathrobe on. I can think of worse things that could happen. Rain is not one of them. The dog is not nearly ready to go out and is sound asleep on the sofa. We can wait to go for a walk until this shower is over. Besides, we need the rain on our dusty and dry earth. I hope things get good and wet. 
I looked through the shelves in my closet yesterday and found many clothes that were to big. They were added to the already large stacks of other clothes that I had already taken out. I found some things that would fit and washed them and they are hanging on the drying rack in the bathroom. 
I’ve really decimated my wardrobe. It’s sad when you see what’s left over. I shouldn’t complain, though. There’s enough left to put together lots of outfits for now and I only have to worry about what I’m going to do in the wintertime. I’ll have to get some warmer clothes before that time. Not much, but something anyway. 
I’ll no doubt lose more weight before that time, so no action is required on my part now. I want to lose 5 kilos, but at the moment I’m not losing any weight. I’ll probably have to decrease one of my medications if I want to and that’s going to happen some time in the near future according to my psychiatrist. As soon as I’m stable enough, we’re going to give it a try. 
I’ve been stable for about two weeks now and that’s not a very long time yet. I’m grateful for it, though. It’s so much easier not to have those terrible ups and downs anymore. Those are the hardest things to deal with. It’s the unpredictability of the moods that makes it so difficult. It’s great when everything is on an even keel again and I’m pretty much stable throughout the day. 
I watched the Eurovision Song Festival last night and listened to many mediocre songs. The songs I really liked didn’t get the votes I hoped for. A typical song festival song won. That was predictable, of course. It is said, though, that the song festival does more for European cohesion than politics ever could. That’s something anyway. You wouldn’t think so with all the Eastern European countries voting for their neighboring countries. 
Tonight is the football match for the national championship. It will be very exciting to watch. I’m for FC Twenthe, of course. I couldn’t be for Ajax. I have to be for the Saxons with their familiar accent. It’s in the genetics. I’ll either watch it on television or listen to it on the radio with the danger that I’ll fall asleep during it. I still have to make a decision about that. It depends on how late I want to stay up. 
The sun just came out and it’s a good time to end this epistle. I’ll have to take the dog out shortly. I still need to take a shower and wash my hair before I’m presentable.
Have a good day all of you.

>It’s tomorrow already…


I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and a cigarette wasting my time. I should be asleep and I had vowed that I would be, but I woke up nevertheless. Never one to miss an opportunity, I’m writing a post, of course. What else is there to do in the middle of the night? 
I have to wait until I get sleepy again and it may take some time and that’s not because I had the coffee. I will sleep regardless of it. I just have to get into the proper mindset to go to sleep again. I have to long for my bed and I’m not there yet. 
I am yawning, so that’s a good sign. I have a tear rolling down my cheek. As a matter of fact, I’m yawning so hard that I have to be careful not to dislocate my jaw.
I can’t take myself seriously right now and I feel that anything I write will be nonsense. That’s because I don’t want to write about anything serious. I want to leave all those subjects alone. I only want to write about things that don’t matter, like about how good the coffee tastes and how good that glass of milk is going to taste that I’m going to have in a minute. 
I feel like having a banana split with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top. Real whipped cream, not the kind that comes from a can. Some ice cream would taste real good right now. Vanilla with real bits of vanilla bean in it. I will make myself happy with the cold milk instead. That’s almost as good. 
It rained all day yesterday which made it cozy to be inside, but I did have to turn the lights on and I had the heater on too later in the day. I even wore warm clothes. My mood went from bad to worse and I slept all afternoon, which made me feel better. Sleep always restores me. It bans bad thoughts. 
I’ve got to go back to bed and sleep as long as I possibly can. I have to set some kind of record. I mustn’t be fooled into getting up in a few hours. I must stay in bed and sleep. 
Have a good night.

>The most excellent time of the night…


I have slept four hours and am in good spirits. That is only one hour less than if I had taken my new sleeping pills, proving my point that they really don’t work. And I feel better waking up too, making me all the more happy. So, the psychiatrist was right in telling me yesterday not to take them anymore. I can only agree with him, besides, the less pills, the better. They all have side effects and I believe these ones made me grumpy and emotional during the day. I’ll have to see if today goes any better, but I assume it will. 
I am sat here with my cup of coffee and my cigarettes and all of my good intentions and a very good mood. I somehow want to act on them and make them count, but that’s hard to do in the middle of the night. I can’t perform good deeds or climb any mountains or make a trip around the world. If I were a billionaire I could maybe do some of these things impulsively. That’s a huge daydream I could get lost in and I just did. I do have to call myself to order. 
This very good mood I am in will have to be put to use some other way. I will just have to write a good post and try to get my good vibes across. 
There’s nothing nicer than sitting here in the middle of the night, feeling very good all by myself and wishing to share it with somebody else. If I could make your day seem brighter, I would be very happy. I would want your half empty glass to seem half full. I would want you to count all your blessings and be grateful for them, no matter how small they were.
But that sounds too evangelical and I don’t want to come across as someone like that. You get to decide those things for yourself. There is such a thing called self determination, after all, in which you choose your own destiny and the things you believe in along the way. You have to pick your own attitude and outlook. I can’t force you into one or the other. 
I’m now sitting here with a glass of cold milk and am thinking of all the ways a person can enjoy themselves if they can hang on to their good mood indefinitely. It seems to me that even the little things in life would be a joy to do if your mood was always good. Everything would be done without a struggle. I can’t count on such predictability. My moods are too changeable for that. They go through the whole range from high to low and back again in one day. Especially at this time of the year. I’m a wobbly woman. I need my own cheerleader section. 
I am taking my time writing this because I’m continually distracted by my own thoughts. It’s called daydreaming, I think. Sometimes I do a lot of that. I’m also developing a sore throat, which is surprising because as far as I know, I haven’t been exposed to anyone who is ill. Oh yes, one of the domestic helps had tonsillitis and was taking antibiotics for it. I hope I’m not getting sick. It would be a waste of a good weekend, but I suppose the timing would be good. I have nothing really important planned. 
I can actually say that I’m glad that it is Saturday. I’m going to take the day off and rest on my laurels. Oh yes, I do have to go to the tobacco shop. That will be my outing for the day then. I do look forward to the day. I get to pick out a new novel from the bookcase and I’m full of curiosity as to what it’s going to be. I feel like a thriller, but I don’t know if I have any left that are unread. Wish me luck at finding something good. 
Have a good day and stay out of trouble.