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In the early dawn…

The first birds have just started to sing and their timing is excellent because I’ve gotten up just a while ago and am ready for the day to start. The sun won’t rise for another hour, though, and in the meantime I will sit here with my coffee and cigarettes and write this post. I feel wide awake, but that may be a temporary condition and I may be struck by sleep yet and have to go back to bed later. It all depends on how much I like being up already so early in the morning. It may not turn out to be the great thing that I think it is now.

The Exfactor is going to be here at 10 am to pick up the dog to take him to the dog trim salon to have his fur trimmed. Hopefully it will not be raining then as we are expecting a few showers today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay dry this morning, at least until the dog is safely dropped of. It would be hard to trim him if he’s wet.

The Exfactor is doing me an enormous favor by taking the dog there, as it is impossible for me to make the trip there and back twice. I get an enormous lower backache if I try. It’s just too much of an effort for me. The Exfactor does it so much more easily as he does seem to do everything more easily when it comes to physical effort. He’s a wiry and strong man and does things with half as much effort as I do.

As I had planned, I watched the first British thriller last night. I was perfectly set for it and had put on my pajamas and bathrobe so that I would be able to go straight to bed afterwards. I watched the first episode of the series ‘Case Sensitive’ and I must say that it was very good. I didn’t know who had done it until the whole thing began to become unraveled. It had many satisfying surprises in it. I must become used to the investigating duo, but their relationship will evolve as the series evolves. It’s all a matter of chemistry, I’m sure.

Today I’m expecting my new skinny jeans and I’m looking forward to getting them. I took a chance by ordering them a size smaller and I may have to push and shove my way into them and they still may not fit. I won’t know until I actually try them on. I will be keeping them if they are too tight because I know they eventually will fit. It would only be a matter of time until they did. But I’m running way ahead of myself and just have to wait and see. I’m just preparing myself for all the eventualities.

I have to do the dishes and a load of laundry and put away the dry clothes. I also have to order a new supply of medicines. For me this is an eventful day and I look forward to it with some amount of anticipation. Anything out of the ordinary tends to set me wobbling. I must make sure that I stay very grounded. I don’t like for many things to be different. I like plain ordinariness the best.

I’m going to take my medicines and go back to bed for a little while. I can sleep for a few more hours. I’ll have to set the alarm clock so I’ll be up on time.

Have a nice day.





Freshly brewed coffee…

It is in the middle of the night and I am having a very tasty cup of coffee and a cigarette. Who could possibly ask for more? Yes, I would like a bowl of ice cream, vanilla if you please, but that is just a passing craving that I’ll get over.  I will have a glass of cold milk later on and that will take care of that. Glasses of cold milk are usually the answer to any kind of craving I may have. They are the perfect solution and satisfy me completely.

Yesterday we had a thundershower that brought gentle rain that fell for several hours. It wasn’t a lot of rain and I don’t know if it ended the drought, but it was very pleasant to listen to and very refreshing. It cooled things off a little bit. I fell asleep instantly listening to it when I took my afternoon nap and it was still coming down when I woke up.

I took the dog for a walk in it without wearing a jacket, that’s how gently it came down, and I didn’t mind getting wet. It certainly made everything smell good. Today we are supposed to have some spotty showers and I do hope they come about. I like the rain and we need it. I like going for walks in it, especially when it’s not cold outside.

It can’t ruin my hairdo, as I have such short hair that there’s not much to ruin. All I have to do is let it dry the natural way or rub it dry with a towel depending on how wet it gets. I also imagine that the rain is good for my skin, but I don’t know how true that is. I don’t know how much it’s influenced by air pollution.

Yesterday was a very non eventful day. You could say that it was a day as I like it. It was a typical low key Sunday. The highlight of the day was the tennis match between Nadal and Federer. I ended up rooting for Federer after all since he was the underdog. Of course, Nadal won.

In the evening, I was sitting slumped in my armchair for a long time and when I got up I had a terrific pain in my back in the usual spot. I had a heck of a time getting up and was like a little old lady when I tried to move around. There’s something to be said for sitting in your chair properly. I took some pain medication and went to bed on my fairly firm mattress and now the pain is gone. That bed of mine is good for my back. It always makes things better.

Today is not my favorite day with both my personal helper and the domestic help going to be here, but I have to see it through, little as I like it. Maybe there will be a day when I will appreciate them better again, especially my personal helper. I think she’s the one I have the most problems with. I don’t like her presence here.

I’ve got to go back to bed for some more hours of sleep. I’ll have to set the alarm clock so I’ll be coherent when the personal helper gets here. She always does expect me to be ready for a conversation the minute she walks in. There’s no gentle prelude.

Have a nice day.





>Alertness at the wrong time…


I’m not at all supposed to be awake now, but the dog climbed on top of me while I was sound asleep and started being grumpy at me as if he wanted me to wake up in a hurry and I did. I tried to push him off, but he was insistent that I get up. He pulled the duvet right off me and pushed his nose against my body in effort to get me to move.
I finally had to get up out of bed before he was satisfied and he settled down as soon as I had gotten a cup of coffee and sat down behind the computer. Isn’t he quite the character? He’s sound asleep now in the armchair as if he had nothing to do with me being up. He’s as innocent as a newborn baby. 
He didn’t want anything else. He didn’t want to go out for a piddle or want a treat or a fresh drink of water. He just seemed to want me to be up. Apparently he appreciates my watchful company. It probably makes him feel more secure. Maybe he doesn’t like to feel alone in the dark. Or he has gotten so used to me being up in the middle of the night that he thinks it’s normal.
That leaves me sitting here in the middle of the night, slightly sleepy headed and with some empty time to fill. I usually know how to take care of that. A post is quickly written. Or as slowly as I want. I can take all the time in the world to do it. All I have to do is make sure that I’m up at 9 o’clock in the morning when my psychiatrist is going to call me. 
I mustn’t miss that call. I’ll have to set the alarm clock for it so I will be coherent when he does call. I have to make sure that I’ve had a few cups of coffee before I talk to him. The worst thing in the world is talking to someone on the phone right when you’ve woken up. You are so vulnerable when you do and you can’t think straight yet. They’ve really got you at a disadvantage. 
At least I went to bed at a decent time last night. I got my pajamas on early and watched a consumer program on TV, but it was only mildly interesting. I guess I’m supposed to get outraged every week, but I’ve ceased to be because nothing surprises me anymore. They do have to find new items every week to air on their program. 
It does go to show you how much there’s screwed up in this country, but I can’t get excited about everything. We live in a banana republic. Things that don’t work well here have been resolved perfectly well in surrounding countries and we’re just muddling along, especially with the government of major cutbacks that we have now. All we have to do is look how they’re done across the border. And successfully so. 
Don’t get me started. All things lead to politics. Badly done politics.
I mustn’t get bogged down in that and focus my vision on a totally different subject. I’ll talk about the weather instead which was decidedly cold yesterday, although the sun was shining all day. There was a cold wind blowing from the north east and it was only 15C. I needed both my cardigan and my jacket when I went outside to walk the dog. 
The weather is going to slowly improve by the end of the week and it will be a little warmer by the weekend. I don’t mind if it’s cold as long as I’m dressed for it. The fact that the sun shines makes it easier. It stays light late now and the days last long. This pleases me very much and I’m happy for all the hours of daylight. I wouldn’t mind a bit of rain, especially because there are wildfires here and there. These are started by opportunistic arsonists who are hard to catch. 
The fires get started on the moors and they smolder underground in the peat for a long time, even when it looks like they have been put out. They need infra red cameras to see where the fire is still alive and tackle it there. They use firetrucks and helicopters with big water bags to fight the fires.
That’s about as interesting as I can get right now. This post has gotten long enough anyway. I mustn’t bore you. I will go and find some other way to amuse myself right now because I’m not nearly ready to go back to bed. Hopefully, something joyful will pass my path. 
I hope you’re all having a good night or are about to. I hope your weather is treating you right and that your government is also. 

>If I can think of something…


I’m sitting here with my third cup of coffee, which probably won’t prevent me from going to bed again later on, but I’m not supposed to, because my Belgian personal helper is going to be here this morning and I do have to be ready for her and not receive her all sleepy headed in my pajamas and bathrobe. That would happen, because the battery in my alarm clock is dead again and I really don’t have another one now, so the alarm clock can’t wake me up on time. I have to shower and get dressed before she gets here, that’s part of the deal. She does keep me on my toes. It’s all part of the effort to make a decent human being out of me. One that’s presentable to the world and I think it’s come to fruition so far, but then again, I was never a lost cause. 
Before I went to bed last night, I changed the sheets and it was a pleasure to lie down in bed and go to sleep. Of course, I didn’t sleep long enough, but if I’m smart, I will last the rest of the day and save up all my need for sleep until tonight. I tell myself that this should not be too hard to do, but I wonder if I’m fooling myself? I can just see myself make attempts to stay off the sofa later this afternoon.  I suppose I will be drinking my pot of coffee today, but not to the point that I’m so wired that I can’t calm down. I won’t take it to that extreme. There is even a limit to how much coffee I can drink and be happy with. 
Because today is Monday, it feels like I’m going to participate in my own little rat race again. My rat race is not too fast and complicated, but it is in contrast to the lazy weekend when my time is my own. I have obligations during the week, although they can be seen as accomplishments that I achieve and that are good for my self esteem if I do. That’s how I approach them anyway and I’m always very relieved at the end of the day when everything has gone well. God forbid that my life should be more complicated than it is. I manage things just fine now and get enough satisfaction out of them. Not much ought to be added to it. It would be like throwing a wrench into the works. 
I am getting a little tired of my personal helpers. I feel that I don’t need them so much anymore and I’m starting to feel their presence as an interference and not an added value. They are becoming much too nosy and bossy for my taste and I’m not looking forward to their presence as much as I once did. I started to notice this once I started to reduce my medicines and I think  it maybe is because I’ve become less passive. I think they are taking away my autonomy which I so badly want. I will have to stand up for myself and let my own opinions count. I don’t want anyone interfering with my independence and my sense of self destination. I don’t think I need to depend that much on other people to give me a sense of direction and purpose.
Having said that, I think I will get the show on the road now. There are a few chores I have to do. 
Have a good day!

>Always in the morning…


I made the mistake of looking at the alarm clock this morning, not realizing that it had stopped because the battery had died. According to it, it wasn’t even early in the morning yet. I felt quite frustrated, because I was all done sleeping, but soon after that, I looked at my watch and saw that it was much later. I do have bad luck with batteries for the alarm clock and I hope this one is rechargeable. I’ll have to invest in a package of rechargeable batteries. That shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and I do need them for other things as well. I’ll put them on the shopping list for next Tuesday along with a bottle of vinegar to clean the coffeemaker. 
The coffeemaker is making a lot of protesting noises when it spits out the last bit of water into the filter and I know it is because of the hard water and the fact that I haven’t cleaned it for a while. It’s so easy to forget. I do have to take care of it, because it’s a good coffeemaker, although I would prefer a Senseo machine, but I can’t really afford one of those right now. I want to get a real one and not one of those cheap imitations that you see for sale sometimes. I have no faith in them at all. I think they’ll break down in the shortest amount of time. 
Yesterday was a nice day, although it rained nearly all day. I didn’t let that bother me and took Tyke for a long walk in the drizzle. I decided we needed some fresh air and some exercise. We both enjoyed it very much, apart from the fact that we got wet. That’s not the worst thing that can happen, though. I pretended that I didn’t have a sore knee and walked like it didn’t bother me. I doesn’t seem to have hurt me at all. It’s going to be sore anyway, regardless of what I do. At this point, I think it’s the cut that hurts me most. 
There was speed skating on television in the afternoon and that did provide some diversion. The Dutch men did well and I can only be proud of them. I do enjoy watching speed skating, as it’s almost hypnotic to look at, especially if they skate a longer distance. It’s a very relaxing sport to watch, while being exciting enough too. The commentary is always very good and professional and as unbiased as it can get. There’s real admiration for the skaters from other countries, not just our own. 
I didn’t get a lot of chores done, but then that didn’t seem so important. There was not that much to do anyway. I played with Tyke a lot and gave him some of my undivided attention, which he appreciated very much. Gandhi participated as much as possible, unless it got too rough. She stuck as close to us as she could and retrieved Tyke’s rubber toy when it got stuck under the chair. That was good, because I didn’t have to kneel down and get it. That’s kind of hard on my knee.
The Exfactor came by and I gave him some of my strong coffee and that quite perked him up. I saw him come to live. I think he’d only had tea, which proves my point that it’s another beverage altogether. 
I went to bed early, despite my intention to stay up. By eight o’clock I was yawning something awful and longing to go to sleep. I put it off as long as I could, but there was no stopping it. I listened to the radio for a while, but there were football games on and that doesn’t interest me all that much. It seems that football season is never over. If so, I must miss the break. I was thinking about putting on a CD when I fell asleep. 
This morning I will go back to bed for a while, because it’s Sunday morning and there’s no need to rush the day. There will be enough hours to be up to do things in. It’s going to be cloudy and chilly today and there may be a shower now and then. It’s not very exciting weather. Mostly very dreary. It’s really the kind of weather that makes you want to have a hibernating Sunday, but I suppose I will go for another long walk with Tyke. We’ll take the same route we did yesterday, because it was such a great success. It was just long enough to not be too exhausting. 
I hope you all have a great day!