The Dueling Dutch Woman

The Adventures of a Middle Aged Dutch Woman

In the early dawn…

The first birds have just started to sing and their timing is excellent because I’ve gotten up just a while ago and am ready for the day to start. The sun won’t rise for another hour, though, and in the meantime I will sit here with my coffee and cigarettes and write this post. I feel wide awake, but that may be a temporary condition and I may be struck by sleep yet and have to go back to bed later. It all depends on how much I like being up already so early in the morning. It may not turn out to be the great thing that I think it is now.

The Exfactor is going to be here at 10 am to pick up the dog to take him to the dog trim salon to have his fur trimmed. Hopefully it will not be raining then as we are expecting a few showers today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay dry this morning, at least until the dog is safely dropped of. It would be hard to trim him if he’s wet.

The Exfactor is doing me an enormous favor by taking the dog there, as it is impossible for me to make the trip there and back twice. I get an enormous lower backache if I try. It’s just too much of an effort for me. The Exfactor does it so much more easily as he does seem to do everything more easily when it comes to physical effort. He’s a wiry and strong man and does things with half as much effort as I do.

As I had planned, I watched the first British thriller last night. I was perfectly set for it and had put on my pajamas and bathrobe so that I would be able to go straight to bed afterwards. I watched the first episode of the series ‘Case Sensitive’ and I must say that it was very good. I didn’t know who had done it until the whole thing began to become unraveled. It had many satisfying surprises in it. I must become used to the investigating duo, but their relationship will evolve as the series evolves. It’s all a matter of chemistry, I’m sure.

Today I’m expecting my new skinny jeans and I’m looking forward to getting them. I took a chance by ordering them a size smaller and I may have to push and shove my way into them and they still may not fit. I won’t know until I actually try them on. I will be keeping them if they are too tight because I know they eventually will fit. It would only be a matter of time until they did. But I’m running way ahead of myself and just have to wait and see. I’m just preparing myself for all the eventualities.

I have to do the dishes and a load of laundry and put away the dry clothes. I also have to order a new supply of medicines. For me this is an eventful day and I look forward to it with some amount of anticipation. Anything out of the ordinary tends to set me wobbling. I must make sure that I stay very grounded. I don’t like for many things to be different. I like plain ordinariness the best.

I’m going to take my medicines and go back to bed for a little while. I can sleep for a few more hours. I’ll have to set the alarm clock so I’ll be up on time.

Have a nice day.






  Bernie wrote @

I envy how you can order skinny jeans to fit online, I need jeans as well but I have to try them on, I have no bum and carry my weight in the mid riff….even though I have lost a lot of weight I don’t think my shape has changed much. (It wasn’t great to begin with)
Have yu watched any of Wimbledon? I am so enjoying it. Hope it doesn’t rain and wishing you a wonderful day. xi

  noortjeibsen wrote @

The skinny jeans worked out well, Bernie. They are hip huggers, so they did not have to span my stomach which is a little thicker. I don’t think my shape is going to change much either. It must come with age.

I haven’t watched Wimbledon. My channels don’t cover it.

It’s raining right now. Have a happy day!


  twain12 wrote @

i have problems with jeans as well, even when i was skinny i had to try them on because of the way i’m shaped…good luck with it 🙂

  noortjeibsen wrote @

Hi Twain, the jeans fit and are very comfortable. I must have a pretty average shape for an old woman. Lucky me. Have a nice day. XOX

  Maggie May wrote @

I envy you in skinny jeans.
I am not going to squeeze my thighs into those without looking revolting.
Hope your doggie looks handsome with his new hair do.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

  noortjeibsen wrote @

Hi Maggie, apparently my thighs are thin enough to handle those jeans. That’s not where my weight is. I have a little bit of a stomach.
The dog looks great. I have been cuddling him all day. He looks like a brand new dog.

  wisewebwoman wrote @

Goodonya and the SKINNY!
that sounds like a good series you watched!
I, too, celebrate the ordinary and am not much good with unpredictables.

  noortjeibsen wrote @

Hi WWW, the series was good. I can’t wait to see more of it.
We are two peas in a pod. Let’s celebrate that and simultaneously eat something delicious. How about some vanilla ice cream or a Dove bar? XOX

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